Eyes Wide Shut

Eyes Wide Shut

It may surprise you that no-one looks their best self when they wake up, and I mean no-one.

So, today I’m going WAY out of my comfort zone (beyond my wildest vulnerabilities) and showing you a couple of photos of me when I woke up a few weeks ago.


My eyes were almost swollen shut, sticky and itchy.

It’s not glamorous, and its certainly not beautiful, BUT it is the result of a product from one of the biggest beauty houses IN THE WORLD.

Now I’m not here to name and shame, but I am here to tell you that with all the hundreds of millions of dollars that this company (and others) pumps into the beauty industry, this just should not be happening.

Through process of elimination and re-introduction of my regular beauty purchases, I’m confident it’s my CC cream.

If i’m honest, the irritation has been happening since I used started using it, but I couldn’t pinpoint it until recently, AND I didn't know what to replace it with.

Right now, it's an $8 stand-in, which I'm sure none of you thought I was capable of after last week's $240 moisturiser admission! 😆

In my “old age” 😝 I’m becoming far more of a hippy than I ever anticipated I would be.

Don’t get me wrong, I still LOVE (LOVE LOVE) fashion but I opt not to wear make-up unless absolutely necessary. 

I love letting my skin breathe - after all it is our biggest living breathing organ, so it's important we take care of it.

Even when I had the tanning salon, I would still refuse to tan people if they showed any signs of sensitivities, because in my eyes, it just wasn’t worth the risk to their skin.

But I digress.

I think it's super important to know what's going on your skin, and not always get bamboozled by the bright shiny lights of an epic marketing budgets..

Just now, I got off the phone with my friend who agrees that the priority on social media is given to those with the biggest ad spend.

 No-one else stands a chance.

So i’m here to tell you that there are some really great Australian beauty brands, doing really amazing things right on our doorstep . Smaller brands, who are passionate and focused on delivering the best they can to the market.

They put a tiny piece of their hearts and souls on the line every time they create a product.

How do I know? 

Because I was once in their shoes and I know the hardships that come with creating and launching a brand to market and trying to compete on the same stage as these established brands who are almost engrained in our DNA.

I can guarantee that these smaller brands are putting themselves out into the world with far greater consciousness for the consumer and the environment (and my eyes) than you could ever comprehend.

So here's to un-knowing what we know and looking at the big picture, which ultimately means, focussing on smaller brands, closer to home.

Here’s to being more conscious and kinder to your skin, and not getting distracted by shiny brands with massive marketing budgets. 

(Guilty as charged! 🙋🏼🙈)

Because you could end up with an irritation that almost closes your eyes.

However because of this, my eyes are now wide open.

👀  👀  👀

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