How Do You Shine?

How Do You Shine?
I’m not going to lie, I’m feeling a little off balance at the moment.
We are in the process of moving house, my baby just started daycare, my partner is away for a month at a time, and I’m transitioning into working a little more and starting to dedicate more time to this project.
While we live on the West Coast of Australia, its hard not to feel uneasy about what is going on over East.
And the rest of the world. 
And I would be lying if I said I feel so sad for what is going on in Afghanistan also.
Very openly, I sent a letter to my local MP.
Was it something I would normally do?
Probably not.
But I felt compelled to try and do something to make a difference, in an arena where I otherwise feel helpless.
Now I don’t want to use this platform and jump on every bandwagon possible,
but I’m just saying there's a lot going on for us all, and it can be very easy for any of us not to feel overwhelmed.
Every day, I work really hard to remain grounded.
And what I mean by that, is with whatever chaos we feel, we need to do our best to remain calm, in the face of what ever each day presents to us.
Everyone’s idea of “balance” is different, and the way we as individuals respond to "the chaos” we feel on any given day, will also be different.
As I write this, I am currently surrounded by the clutter of boxes, but as I continue to let the words hit the page (I always write off the cuff), I feel somewhat calm that I’m putting my thoughts out into the world.
Is there more I can do in this world?
But right now, I know I’m doing my best with the tools I have on hand.
truly believe that how each of us show up in the world is important.
We each have unique way in which we can contribute to the world.
For me, its writing.
I know that when I write I am putting my whole self into the arena, the moment I put pen to paper.
While it may not resonate with all of you (and thats completely ok), I do hope that at least one person reading this is sparked to do something that makes a difference.
Then I know that I’m doing what I’m meant to.
How are you showing up in the world this week?
Is there something you can do to make a bigger difference in the world?
Even if its just a small gesture for yourself or someone else,
it can be the beginning of something great.
Til next time,
Penni xx

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