Why I'm like a 90's Pop Icon

Why I'm like a 90's Pop Icon
Do you know what happened to me this week?
 My face nearly fell off. 
Ok, it didn’t, but it damn near felt like it…….and do you know what it was this time? 
Picture this. 
Every time I go to do the laundry with a big brand name laundry liquid (hint: rhymes with our PM’s nickname #ScoMo), my face feels like Mariah 
(its on fi-yah). 🔥
I put freshly laundered clothes on my baby.
 I pick her up and I start to feel "the burn"
My face is on fi-yah. 🔥
Like Mariah.
Mariah. Mariah. Mariah. 🔥🔥🔥
It got progressively worse until I just couldn’t tolerate it anymore. 😩
The fragrance (amongst other things) in the laundry liquid I was using became SO overpowering that I have to pack up the box and get it marched off the premises! Don’t think I’m joking!
I mean, just now, I took out the rubbish in one of those bright pink highly perfumed bin bags and I am certain that flowers don’t bloom with their sole purpose in life being to make our rubbish smell better. 💁🏼
Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would have a physical reaction to a product, but here we are.
You may think this response is a little OTT, but just take a step back for a minute and ask yourself if you’ve ever smelt a scented candle and on first whiff enjoyed it, but after a while, perhaps got a headache?
Say “hello” to synthetic fragrances.
Or have you hugged someone who had a perfume that stayed on your clothes for the rest of the day, and it just sorta got up your nose? 🐽
Guaranteed, synthetic fragrance.
And then my next thought on this, is:
What (the f***) is this doing to my baby if its doing this to me? 😳
Baby Bombshell
"Hellllllllllo I'm Mariah"
Even if you don’t have children - it’s still a relevant point - you just need to consider the size of your body, compared to theirs.
A baby’s response would be ten-fold on their tiny systems.
With access to so many incredible botanicals in Australia, why do we need to resort to a fragrance that comes from a test-tube?
Eucalyptus, Sandalwood, Lemon Myrtle…… the beginnings of a very long list of beautiful Australian botanicals.
Which lands me at introducing you to my ol' friend, Koala Eco 
You probably think its a little odd for me to be incorporating a cleaning product, but for me beauty needs to translate through all aspects of our lives, not just our faces…….. BUT if it also means my face isn’t going to fall off, then obviously, MAJOR bonus!
Now, a lot of you will know Koala Eco, and I’ve been using them consistently for a long time now, but I was REALLY surprised that some of you didn’t know about them. 😵
They are STUNNING.
And they are an absolute cult favourite.
I can’t even describe them any better than how they describe themselves:
"We’re eco-friendly and ethical. KOALA ECO products are not tested on animals, and do not contain any harmful chemicals or any synthetic fragrance, smelling only of glorious, natural essential oils."
And trust me:
A bit like Mariah Carey songs, its hard to pick my fave, but I think its the Floor Cleaner.
Oh, and if you’re wondering what my favourite Mariah song is, it's this one:
Till next time,
Penni x

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