Preparing for a Spray Tan - Your Pro Tan Tips

Preparing for a Spray Tan - Your Pro Tan Tips




PRO ● TAN ● TIP⁠ ⁠

Want a smooth even perfect professional spray tan?⁠

There's a couple of crucial things and yeh yeh, we know you've heard them before, but we STILL find clients turning up for a spray tan not properly prepped, and then telling us they've had a bad tan. 🙄⁠

Here's some tips you need to know prior to your appointment so you can prep like a pro and get the best results from your professional spray tan appointment!⁠

⁠ ● EXFOLIATE - we recommend using a mitt our a glove - even a wet flannel. You don't need to use exfoliants as these could leave a film on your skin. Keep it simple.⁠ ⁠

● WAX/SHAVE - 24 hours prior. If the pores on your skin are still open, the tan can get in and you get those little brown speckles all over your legs. ⁠

⁠ ● NO MOISTURISER, MAKEUP, PERFUME or DEODORANT - anything that can leave a barrier on your skin can give you a less than perfect tan. Some of these things can even make your skin look green 😳.. and we all know "its not easy being green 🐸 If you do happen to come straight from work/an appointment, don't worry, we have wipes!⁠ ⁠

● BRING LOOSE DARK CLOTHING - Having a spray tan is not a fashion parade. We are part of your prep, so you don't need to wear your best clothes. We recommend dresses, skirts, trackies, tees (long-sleeved in winter in case its raining). AND nothing shiny and tight. Shiny fabrics can make the tan rub off, so keep it natural!⁠


Hopefully these tips will assist in getting the best spray tan ever!