Life Full Of Meaning

Life Full Of Meaning


Last night, I had a candlelight dinner with my mum.

I spent a LOT of money purchasing said candle sticks from a shop in my favourite town in NZ. I carried them all around the South Island, then packed them into my suitcase and brought them home.

In the three years since buying them, never once had I used them. Until last night.

Over dinner, we put music on, and we drank from our crystal glasses, while chatting about people we used to know.

After dinner, I started a giant crossword (yes, I'm a word nerd) but something I haven't attempted in recent years and wow did my brain kick right back into gear!

This morning my mum and I each enjoyed a cupcake made by her 92 year old neighbour, and in the afternoon we shared a cookie, freshly baked by my (ex) neighbour that she left on my doorstep, with a little note to "enjoy."

All of these gestures, are making me feel like we are reverting back to a bygone era...... and I think its something we were really in need of.

I know, I know I can hear you saying " But I've lost my job" or "but I have bills to pay" and yes, these two statements are also relevant to me, BUT I think (hope) we are all starting to shift our focus onto the things in our lives that really need our attention when we've previously been "too busy" to give them value.

What HAVE we been doing with our time? And how did our lives become so "busy"? And now that we aren't so "busy" where has the shift in your focus gone to?

Aren't you able to now enjoy the things you've always wanted to? 💁🏼

In small pockets during the past few weeks, I have also encountered people being argumentative, and throwing around threats.... but to be honest, I expected this, and it's merely a reflection of how they are dealing with this change.

For some, this isn't easy - I get it.

And not acting human when humanity is required, is absolutely your prerogative.

All gestures (good and bad) during this time will be remembered, long after the dust settles.

For the most of us though, our acts of kindness, and humanity (both given and received) are prevailing. These tiny gestures between one another as we navigate from darkness into the light, all add up to something quite profound.

While I don't have much to give at this time (apart from my "word nerd" ramblings), I am still focussed on contributing where I can.

As the salon isn't running, my gesture in kindness is to donate the gloves we use during service to a local hospital. There is no point in holding onto these things when they are currently of greater use to another.

Gestures in kindness, far outweigh monetary things right now. 

Kindness is priceless and it's catching.

Infectious, almost I'd say. 😏

(I didn't have Corona cry today.)

Happy Sunday. 💛

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