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Live In Whimsy



Well, isn't it a crazy world we are living in right now?! Everyone seems to have lost their head a little. I hesitated on even "going there" on this topic, but after today, this week, this month, this year, I feel that some people truly believe that "doomsday" is upon us.

If you want my opinion (and if you don't, press unfollow), we need this moment in time. I'm not saying that we want people to get sick, and die on purpose BUT we have also created a very fast and furious world by our own doing - we want everything NOW NOW NOW and on the cheap!

At the start of the year we were all about "humanity" and "saving the planet" with the bushfires, and now everyone is being selfish, clearing the supermarket shelves and returned to single use plastics to stop getting germs...but in the process you have lost your moral compass (or maybe you never had one to begin with!)😏

We need this moment in time to go back to basics.

To suffer and struggle a little - not just have everything at our fingertips.

Again, I am not referring to the health crisis as such - this is just the event that has brought this ugly beast to its surface. I'm talking about selfishness and lack of resilience that is shown when fear arises.

Everyone should take a step back, breathe and remember the good - we live in a BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING, INCREDIBLE COUNTRY and we have everything we need right in front of us. Beautiful produce, clean water - things that a LOT of other people in other countries don't have, so don't whinge because you hate the government.

Applaud them for putting these measures in place to protect what we have. (Note that we are doing exactly as Jacinda is so we must be doing ok!🙃)

And I have to say it - for those of you acting like a bunch of dickheads. Stop it.

That is not what being Australian (or a human being) is about!

Fear perpetuates fear and it compounds if we all collectively believe this. So lets start being more calm and show confidence.

Don't lose your head (or your manners).

Find your heart. Show kindness and compassion.

Read a book, live in whimsy a little more.

Expect that great things will come from this (and wash your hands). 👏🏼💦❤️

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